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The Ancient Seasonal Rites

celebrating the cycles of our mother home

The ancients were connected to our planet in a very concrete and spiritual way.  They honored the cycles that brought forth food, life, beauty, and renewal. They depended on the ever-turning circle of the year, with the seasons producing the miracle stirrings of new life, growth into maturity and bountiful harvest, death and reseeding, and renewal of life once again.

This earth or nature-centered spirituality was celebrated by indigenous peoples before more modern, patriarchal religons took hold and spread. (often with much violence and against the will of these people)

In our modern society filled with technological advances, people seeking their ancient roots and memories are once again practicing these earth-based philosophies as a part, or as their entire focus of their spirituality.  As humans in the technological world, we are now so far removed from our original place on Earth, our biology and instincts.  Honoring the seasons can be a way of "grounding" ourselves again.  We can learn much from listening to the timeless voice of our Earth Mother.

I think looking back to our roots is imparitive.  We humans seem to be dangerously controlling the events and fate of this planet.  We are so far out of balance, and we need some checks to pull us back in line a bit.  I am not suggesting that we all return to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle like our ancestors practiced, but our attitudes as a whole need an adjustment to make this world last.

 The intention of this page is to give some background information and ideas of common Earth-based spiritual practices to get people started and stir the imagination.  Included on each page are some of the ways my family has observed these special times on the wheel of the year.

I plan to take my time on this page, and address each of the eight festivals as they come on the circle of the year.  (starting with Mabon) Please check back every now and then!

spring festivals:
 Imbolc         Ostara
summer festivals:
 Beltane           Litha
fall festivals:
Lughnasad     Mabon
winter festivals:
 Samhain        Yule

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