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Books and Resources

Celebrating The Great Mother by Cait Johnson and Maura D.  Shaw
                                                                                     ISBN 0-89281-550-7

A very complete resource for celebrating the seasons and earth-based spirituality with children and the whole family.
There are lots of suggested crafts, activities, recipies  to help get your own creative ideas going.  Available through Isabella. (see below).

A Child's Seasonal Treasury  Written and compiled by Betty Jones
                                                                              ISBN 1-883672-30-9

This book is divided into 4 sections for the four seasons, and has many, many, many poems (written by many authors, including Ms. Jones), music, fingerplays, activities, recipies, and crafts.  The poems are mostly written in the English verse style.

A Woman's Guide to Spiritual Renewal by Nelly Kaufer and Carol Osmer  Newhouse
  ISBN   0-06-250882-2

This is a very good resource for rediscovering or fine tuning your spiritual self.  The first half of the book discusses healing spiritual hurts from the past,(perhaps childhood) and the second half is about changing your spirituality to fit the person you have become.  There are many stories of women at various stages of this process.  There are written and pictoral exercises and meditations to guide the reader through, so there is some work to be done!  Available in Isabella. (see below)

Her Blood Is Gold -celebrating the power of menstruation  by Lara Owen
 ISBN                                                                                                           0-06-250641-2

This can be a life-changing book!  It's main intent is to help women change the way they view their periods, and the way they feel about themselves as women.  This book is rich with history about the divine feminine, and these "matrifocal"societies of ancient times.  It goes on  how menstruation became viewed as "the curse", and how women today can reclaim the honor and power of their bodies by honoring their cycles and life stages.  Many womens' stories grace this book.  Extremely intresting, thought- provoking, and totally against the grain of societal attitudes we hold deep within us.  Gotta read it!  Isabella says it is out of print, and they have the last copies.

The Menopausal Years- The Wise Woman Way by Susun Weed
                                                                                                                 ISBN    9614620-4-3
This book can be as life-changing as the one above, and one to be read well before menopause.  Half on the book is history and ritual of honoring the crone, and how transformational the process of menopause is.  It views the crone (post menopausal woman) as a powerful, wise, essential member of society.  (Makes me not "dread" getting old, but actually look foreward to this stage of my life).  The other half of the book discusses natural remedies and lifestyle/ attitude changes to make the change of life be as free of "negative" feelings and symptoms as possible.  Also has ideas of creating your own crone initiation and rituals.  Since Susan Weed is an herbalist, there is much information about collecting/preparing herbs.

Other Resources

Isabella- books and tools for reawakening the spirit
                  2780 Via Orange Way, Suite B,  Spring Valley, Ca. 91978
                                             (800) 777-5205

A very complete catalog of books, tapes, jewelry, craft supplies, candles and other gifts.

Chinaberry Book Service
2780 Via Orange Way, Suite B, Spring Valley, Ca. 91978. (800) 776-2242

Books for the whole family, in any age range.  Books are engaging, high quality, and non-violent.  Tapes, books on tape, and some gifts are available, too.

 Femail Creations
Gifts to celebrate and inspire women.

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