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Imbolc......beginning again
February 2nd


Groundhog day is the last remenent of this important seasonal rite in our culture.  Imbolc represents the stirring of the seeds in the cold, slumbering ground.  Even when snow is everywhere, or the earth is brown with spent growth, there is something in the air that brings hope of the coming springtime. 

This is a time when our sleepy minds and bodies start to "wake up" and look ahead to the rest of the year.  We begin to yearn for some physical activity to shake the  dust from our joints, and sprout ideas for the coming months to blow the cobwebs from our minds. 

According to Cait Johnson and Maura D. Shaw in Celebrating the Great Mother, This is a good time to make candles for all of your seasonal rites for the year, as symbolic of planning and sowing your activities and ideas yet to come.  There are other beautiful rituals in this section of their book , and a favorite of mine is described below.

How I celebrate Imbolc with my family

Imbolc light garden

This is a ritual that has much meaning with we work directly with the earth, and "plant" our dreams, hopes, and aspirations for the coming year into it.  We then hope to watch these dreams and projects germinate and develop into fruition in the seasons ahead. 

We fill a bowl or dish with earth from our garden.  (our garden at this time of year is bare and freshly tilled)  We bring the earth indoors, and place it on the family sacred space or altarr till it gets dark.  After our evening meal, we place the bowl of dirt on the table, and then write down our hopes, dreams, projects we want to accomplish, etc on little strips of paper.  We crumple the paper strips into little "seed" balls, and take turns burying them into the dirt.  After the "seeds" are planted, we place a birthday candle on top of each, and when all the candles are in place, light them in the dark.   We then hope the new light of the candles will help nourish our wishes and help them come into being.  the soft glow in the room on our faces is magical!  The next day in the daylight, we plant our bowl of earth and paper seeds in our garden.

last year's light garden

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