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Crunchy Footsteps
exploring the sidestreams of life

(formerly "Full Circle"'s me!)

Welcome to my crunchy little part of the web!  Come on in...I can't say wether to kick off your shoes or not...some of this site may be a little rocky on your toes...while some of it may be as  comfortable as the cool, green grass.   I found that I like to write for helping me to reflect and think, and this site is mostly  a collection of stories and experiences thast mark my crunchy footsteps.

Your crunchy experiences may vary from mine, but I feel it is important that we all seek out the alternatives and find what is best for us and our families.

"The point isn't to do remarkable things, but to do ordinary things
with the conviction of their immense importance." -Teilhard de Chardin

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the mainstream mold
pregnancy/birthing   homeschooling
the inner stream   Every Day is Sacred
babies,breasts,and bottoms (oh my!)
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my (almost) daily online journal

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