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diaper rashes

My first baby was virtually rashless.  I can contribute his clear skin to cloth diapering, right?  Well...maybe.

I now wonder, as my second child has been wearing cloth from the very beginning, with the same diapering supplies her brother wore.  (almost)  Her skin is very prone to rashes, and she is seldom without some kind of skin irritation in the diaper area.

Why is this?  Perhaps my daughter's skin is more sensitive to moisture, pH, or my detergent.  Maybe with the two kids to look after, I don't change her frequently enoughMaybe it's a yeast infection.  Maybe those new diaper covers don't breathe well enough.  These are all possibilities.  When we encountered a 6-week period of very painful-looking rash, I was determined to find out.  Here is what I came up with.  Perhaps some of these ideas may be helpful to you, too. 

Stay tuned! 
created December 17, 2000

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