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the worldwide Nestle boycott

"Can a product which requires clean water, good sanitation, adequate family income and a literate parent to follow printed instructions, be properly and safely used in areas where water is contaminated, sewage runs through the streets, poverty is severe and illiteracy is high?"

-the 1978 US Senate hearings questioning Nestle
on the marketing practices of infant formulas

We have all seen the advertisements for infant formula on t.v., in the grocery stores, and in hospitals and doctors' offices.  Many of us can probably say that they were given free samples of formula from the hospital after childbirth, or by our babies'doctors during a routine visit.  The ads and samples are there to persuede new mothers to buy their product.  Many people may not be aware that this marketing occurs worldwide, even in third world countries, where the water supply is often not safe to drink, and the product is too expensive for parents to feed their babies in adequate amounts for survival.  Even in industrialized countries, many lower income families cannot afford the expense of infant formula, and these famiies must seek governmental assistance to fed their babies.  According to the World Health Organization, 1.5 million babies in the world die each year from diseases related to artificial feeding.

Because of this problem, the World Health Organization and Unicef created the International Code of Breastmilk Substitutes.  The formula makers were asked to comply with the code to ensure that breastfeeding efforts aren't undermined.  All formula producers, including Nestle, aggreed to adhere to the code, but violations by Nestle have been occurring worldwide.

So, many countries began boycott efforts against Nestle products.  By refusing to fund unethical marketing efforts, it is hoped that individuals exercising their consumer choice by boycotting Nestle products will put pressure on Nestle to change their ways.

What does Nestle make?
Nestle Quick, Taster's Choice coffee, Nescafe coffee, Carnation Evaporated milk, Carnation Instant Breakfast, Nestea, Butterfinger, Nestle Crunch, and other candy bars, chocolate chips, and anything else with the Nestle name somewhere on the packaging.

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The International Code of Breastmilk Substitutes,  as drawn by the World Health Organization and Unicef.  This is the complete code.

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Why Boycott Nestle/Risks of Artificial Feeding  Lots of informational links on this subject.  This is also the page where you can choose a "I Boycott Nestle- Ask Me Why" graphic for your website.


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