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yarns spun when the day is done
written-down strife in the middle of the night
writing just because it feels right

100 things:

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feeling poetic:
early mango

stories: (some of these come from times before the blogging days)
full moon babe 
son's birth story: vaginal birth in a hospital
new moon babe 
daughter's birth story :vaginal birth in a birth center
Currently playing: cacophony at crunchy's house
the walls are mine
"see?  I told ya!"

photochronicle of a dove family
a white-winged dove family nested and raised their young in our backyard...a photo journal
June 27-July 25, 2004
Oh no, Mama! (6-27-04)
Oh no, Mama! part 2
Moving the nest
Mama Bird update (7/6/04)
Waiting... (7-10-04)
getting restless (7-16-04)
Is today the day? (7-17-04 at 6:41am)
Kiss me in the rain... (7-17-04 3:24pm)
Hey Baaaaby! (7-18-04)
Got crop milk? (7-19-04)
DoveCam sunrise (7-20-04)
Shift change (7-21-04)
Hot, hot, hot! (7-21-04)
the rhythm of the day (7-22-04)
'take over, Daddy!" (7-23-04)
fledging soon? (7-24-04)
Morning meditation? (7-25-04)
t-minus....4 days?( 7-25-04)

spiritual outsprouts:
parallel sayings
my results of the religion selector survey
Are sacred texts of some traditions inherently violent?

Griffin and Sabine: An Extrordinary Cooersponence
Is Religion Killing Us?
Is religion killing us, part 2
Jesus and Buddha: The Parallel Sayings

on-the-spot fun
visit/vacation memory #12,307:
boo hoo...
When you least expect it...